Program Evaluation

After a quick and overwhelming semester my evaluation has come to an end.  I was surprised at how easily this flowed as I started writing out the report.  I’m pretty satisfied with my final project, and I feel that I have concise and complete report providing clear results of the project.  I feel that the length of the report made it easier for me, because I didn’t have to find ways to add material to increase the length.  I was actually forced to shorten some sections to reduce the page count.

I too struggled with the budget because I didn’t really put a full day into the report.  It was pieces of days throughout the summer, so my estimate is very rough.  I also found it challenging to evaluate a project in which I have very little subject knowledge (networking).  This lack of knowledge created a new challenge when meeting with the technology specialist to gather data.  Maybe this is why so many of the job ads we discussed in week 6 required experience in the field.

I was overwhelmed at the start of the semester, but value the knowledge gained about the importance and practical application of program evaluation.  I hope to apply this in the coming years in my career as an educator or in helping schools with technology integration.

Attached is a copy of my final Evaluation Report Project.

EDTECH 505 – Evaluation Report


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