PBL: Final Project and Reflection

Throughout this semester the element that has stuck out the most is authenticity. Project Based Learning is about providing students with authentic, relevant, inquiry based learning experiences. Without the authenticity you just have another meaningless or meaning-lite activity. The authentic projects provide applicable and often lifelong lessons.
I guess what I understand least, would be how to properly assess students. There are soo many methods and assessment can be very time consuming in both the development and actual assessment process. I would like to understand more about efficiently and effectively assessing all aspects of the project.
In this course I expected more content about PBL. I expected to do more reading about what it was, the various elements, the research, etc. Instead, we learned about the elements and how to apply them through the creation of an actual unit.
First of all, I hope to use my project at some point and I would like to develop others in the future, although I think I would rather work with a team of teachers. I also plan to use the resources gathered from the course to find already develop projects I can adapt to my needs.

Here is the link to my final project: Business Savvy


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