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Additional Artifact 1 – Minecraft Club (#7)

I am just now getting a chance to post about Minecraft club from this week. I spent a few hours over break creating a “village” seen below. I started out with a random seed and leveled out an already fairly flat place. From here I created a basic city layout with a main street and sidewalk. I then created plots of land from which each student would choose a site to build their home. Most of the plots were separated by a two block wide sidewalk. I wish now I would have created more space between the plots but the students didn’t have any complaints.


We started today in the tutorial world, where I spawned students straight to the campground to give them some time to practice building in creative mode. By the end of that 10 minutes it was evident by the amount of lava flowing through the area there would need to be some rules established once we started the village.

When we went to the village I explained to students the situation would be similar to when the first settlers landed in America and how they would basically find some land and claim it as their own. The students would be doing this as well and would have to settle disputes using the in game chat. Before setting students free they thought I asked if we needed to make any rules and they all agreed that no lava would be a good idea. They also decided that if anyone was caught intentionally destroying someone else’s property they would be frozen for 3 minutes.

I then let the students go and had them put a sign in front of their plot with their name. I let students build whatever structure they wanted but told them that if they accidently destroyed part of the village they should replace it. The buzz in the classroom was great. Students were so excited about their creations and what others were doing and it was even better to see them asking for and giving help through the in game chat. Here are some screen shots of what they were able to do in about 45 minutes of build time.

I was so excited by what they had created. Just seeing the engagement and hearing the discussions is such an encouragement. Everything was going great!! It was about time to close down the server so students could do some blogging. Of course I heard the groans, not because they didn’t like blogging, but because they didn’t want to stop building. So I shut down the server and one of the students asks “Did you save it?”

I’m thinking, save it? I don’t have to do that right? I got a sinking feeling though so I started the server back up and went to the village, the bare, empty village!!!!

Of course there were some students that were a bit upset, but nothing like I expected. It’s possible that my reaction as treating it as a learning experience for them and myself helped with their reactions. They were a bit frustrated but most said I didn’t really like some of mine anyway, or there was something they wanted to do better. Overall, I think it was a success, and I will remember to save!!

I can’t help but smile about the student’s excitement. I often get stopped outside of class during my other duties and asked what we will be doing in Minecraft Club or that they can’t wait until Minecraft Club.


Additional Artifact 1 – Minecraft Club (#6)

The first meeting was a big hit.  We started off with introductions and establishing some boundaries for in the game.  I heard about lots of things I didn’t even know where possible in this process.  Then I introduced students to the blog we would be using (MES Minecraft Club).  They all made their first post and judging by the number of page visits jumping from 147 to now over 900 I think their excitement is evident.  After blogging I led them to to play a classic demo version just to get some experience with the game if they had not already.  They all seemed to have a good handle of it by the end and it was evident who has played before.  I can’t wait to see what we can come up with!

Additional Artifact 1 – Minecraft Club (#5)

The software codes are in and I’ve tried a bit of testing.  It doesn’t seem like it will run smoothly on the current lab computers.  Fortunately we have new Dell Optiplex 3010’s nearly ready to be put in place (hopefully after next week).  I’m not sure we will be doing any mining or crafting on our current Dell E series.

I sent home 25 letters to the students I selected and have received 19 yeses so far.  As part of the experience I would like to have the students contribute to a club blog.  I’ve created a class (club) blog though and created a name for each participant.  The plan is to have them blog throughout the experience.  The first day we may be doing this while we wait for the new pc’s.

For the first meeting I am also planning on the following:

  1. Welcoming everyone and showing my excitement and enthusiasm
  2. Having students introduce themselves since it will be a multi-age/grade group
  3. Discussing/Establishing rules while in the game
  4. Going over students expectations, what they want to get out of the group and what they want to do (This may also be their first blog post.)

That’s all I have so far.

Additional Artifact 1 – Minecraft Club (#4)

I have made my final selections and handed out letters to go home to parents.  I’m hoping for positive reactions from parents.

I also submitted the PO to TeacherGaming today, so I should hear back from them by Wednesday.  I’m hoping sooner so I can begin loading the software to practice and see what will work best.

Additional Artifact 1 – Minecraft Club (#3)

WOW!!!  As I talked to each of the classes I was overwhelmed by the excitement and desire of so many students to participate.  This is going to make the selection process very difficult because it will leave so many disappointed students.  I’ve taken many things into consideration when selecting students for the group because I wanted a good mix of students, so I was careful when choosing.

This weekend I am going to finalize the selections and do my final revisions on the parent letter.  I’m awaiting the codes from TeacherGaming LLC so I can play the game myself and learn a bit more.  I’m already prepared for some students knowing much more than I do, but that should promote a good learning environment.

Additional Artifact 1 – Minecraft Club (#2)

I was blessed with a two hour delay Wednesday morning and after getting some necessary work done I spent the next two hours “putting together” my Minecraft Club.  I went back through the sites I had bookmarked to dig deeper and figure out what I needed to do now that this was becoming reality.  The first thing I did was put together a parent letter for students I would select to help pilot the program.  The letter explained a bit about the game and the educational value it provided.  That same morning I also spent a lot of time reading about other Minecraft clubs and watching videos  from Joel Levin AKA The Minecraft Teacher.

Throughout the day on Wednesday I was in contact with our tech coordinator so I could see if it was possible to set up a server and if so, learn what I would need to do.  I heard a lot of tech jargon I didn’t really understand, but that being said he is going to set me up with a section of our server with the necessary processing power and ram to work for 25 students.  I now have to wait anxiously for the account codes and keys to the software to begin this setup and begin learning more about the game.

I am probably moving too fast, but I want to have at least two solid months to pilot the program before summer break.  Depending on how this goes, it could turn in to a summer program.

Additional Artifact 1 – Minecraft Club

As mentioned before, upon returning from the Ohio Educational Technology Conference, where I heard and saw many sessions about games and learning, I came home fired up and ready to find ways to apply this research in my school.  I soon realized how difficult this would be considering the current staff.  I continued to research the idea anyway and came across the game Minecraft.

Now, I’d heard of the game before, but never tried it. After reading about the game and its educational values I decided to try the game myself.  As I played the game I knew I had to figure out a way to get this into the school.  I put together an informal request to the principal pointing out the value of the game and the idea of starting an after school club and asking if there was money available to make a purchase or if she had any ideas of where I could go to make a request.  I got the response from her saying that the club sounded like a great idea and that the money was available so I could just fill out the requisition.  I put together the requisition and placed the order for 25 licenses plus the MinecraftEdu custom mod through  on Tuesday and I’m currently waiting for account codes.