About Me

Hello, My name is Craig Wentworth.  This is my first semester back to school since obtaining my teaching license three years ago.  I am a third year teacher and have moved from Title I reading, to 2nd grade, and I am currently serving as a Title I reading teacher in the morning, K-5 Computer/Technology teacher in the afternoon, and I do tech support for the staff in my free time.

I have been married for almost 2 1/2 years.  My wife is currently finishing up her degree/licensure in secondary education for social studies and we hope to start a family soon after.

I enjoy learning and I enjoy technology so I’m looking forward to putting the two together throughout my experience in the MET coursework at Boise State.  I am excited to dive into these courses so I can apply new ideas and strategies and help my colleagues implement their technology more effectively.

I am hoping to use this learning log as a reflective tool as well as a place to document and track coursework, which I can then use to assemble my eportfolio.  I’ve never put the time into blogging and I don’t get in to social media such as twitter or facebook, so I am kind of anxious about this process because I’m not as familiar with this as I am with many other technology related items.  This should be a great learning experience.

Britt and me

This is a picture of my wonderful wife and myself this past Christmas.

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