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RSS for Education

Here is a link to some of my favorite RSS feeds regarding educational technology.  Google reader bundle

I first came across RSS feeds a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t until last year that I began using them.  Currently, I use a program called Pulse on my Android to subscribe to my favorite feeds.  I do not get the opportunity to check my feeds as often as I would like, but as an educator, RSS feeds are invaluable for continuing education. A nearly limitless source of ideas and strategies exists on the internet and rather than going to search for them, RSS brings them to me in one organized location. Through these feeds I stay caught up, and in some instances hopefully ahead on current educational trends and strategies.  With the feeds I am not limited to colleagues in my building or district. I am able to learn from people around the world who have already gone through the trial and error and have shared what worked or what did not.

As for direct application for my students, I’m having trouble thinking of and even finding ways to use RSS feeds in an elementary classroom considering their reading levels and familiarity with this aspect of technology.  As students get a little older perhaps the feeds could be used in a similar aspect to how this course is formatted. Students could keep a working portfolio of coursework that could be frequently updated and improved according to comments and suggestions of classmates who subscribe to their feed. As I was talking to some colleagues at eTech Ohio last week, we discussed how honest students can be when evaluating one another’s work. I feel that students may be more likely to respond to comments from their peers if they are made in a non-threatening, non-degrading way.  This could get out of hand if guidelines are not firmly established and enforced.

AECT Standards

This assignment fits Standard 4.4 as it applies to the evaluation and utilization of information to benefit myself and my students. With so many resources available one must become very comfortable with quickly evaluating and finding which strategies would benefit themselves and their students.