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Effective Assessments

I have very little in the form of assessments at this current stage in the project but I feel the assessments I do have, provide a meaningful tool to guide teachers, but more importantly, students.  My initial pre-assessment isn’t necessarily authentic, but it provides the teacher with valuable information about where to go with the instructional portions of the project, while providing students with an outline for what they are expected to learn through the experience.  By ending with the same assessment both teacher and students gain a clear picture of the knowledge gained in relation to entrepreneurship.

With group projects such as this, that allow students some freedom in the direction they take, a teachers time is often consumed with answer questions and “putting out fires.”  This creates a problem when it comes to monitoring the progress of each group.  The exit card I’ve designed provides students with a tool to measure their progress and address questions or concerns.  The teacher can also use this to ensure the group is on track and they can address the questions or concerns they may not have been available to address during class.  To instill a small sense of ownership, some blank rows are left to add to the checklist as students find tasks that may have been left out.

Finally, the Business Plan and Presentation Rubric is a tool with relevance to the students.  It provides a clear model of what an exceptional finished product must contain.  Prior to beginning the business plan, groups will receive the rubric and it will be discussed orally with the entire class.  If possible, the teacher will provide examples of products demonstrating various ends of the rubric.  Throughout the development of the business plan and presentation students may consult the rubric to reflect on the quality of their work and make the necessary adjustments.

To get students more actively involved in the assessment process, after they’ve had a chance to develop their plan and presentation, I would ask students to develop a peer feedback scale about effective elements of a business plan presentation.  Students would then use this as a peer evaluation/feedback tool to practice their presentation before presenting to the investors and bank.