EDTECH 542 – Week 3

I’ve decided to go with a project based on entrepreneurship.  This past school year, my district’s 4th graders completed a field test for the next generation of assessments.  The test was quite heavy with questions relating to entrepreneurship.  To help hit some of those standards, the 4th grade Social Studies teacher completed a unit on entrepreneurship with a culminating “meaning light” project asking the students to create a poster for a business.  Coming away from the unit, I’m guessing the students took away very little about what it means to be an entrepreneur and what exactly and entrepreneur is.  In an effort to create a meaningful, and lasting learning experience I went with a project about entrepreneurship.

As I’ve completed these first stages of the project I was surprised to find that the state of Ohio actually has a set of standards in relation to entrepreneurship, the K-12 Entrepreneurship Standards.  This speaks to the importance the state is placing on teaching entrepreneurship.  I’m also surprised at the number of standards a teacher can cover not just in Social Studies but within ELA, Math, and Technology.

I’ve decided to use Wix to create my project site.  I used Wix previously for EDTECH 554.  I like the professional look of the templates with a large degree of freedom in the layout and look of individual pages within the site.  


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  1. Wow, that’s really is surprising Craig. I wouldn’t have expected any state to have standards related to ‘entrepreneurship.’ I think your idea is great and will be very meaningful and applicable for your students (and fun!). Even better is that you’ll be able to incorporate so many other subjects too.

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