Minecraft Club Day 2

Today was the second day of Minecraft Club.  The students were very excited when the entered the room.  We had to begin by installing MinecraftEDU on everyone’s computer.  I just used one of the extra computers as our server, which was more than capable of handling it without any lag whatsoever.  The only problem we had was when it went to sleep and stopped the server.

We used Joel Levin’s Tutorial World.  There were some problems with the more advanced students moving too quickly through areas but I was able to stop that by freezing them or teleporting them back to where I needed them.

The building arena was challenging but most came together and eventually made the structures.  I was proud to read about several students enjoying the challenge and working together!!  Who says you can’t learn from video games?!?!

Over spring break I plan to layout a city/village where they will each have a plot of land to build a house, plant a garden, whatever they want to do within their area.  I will allow them to do this in creative mode and we’ll see what happens.  The plan is to layout streets and put a sign out in front of each students home along with street signs.  I can’t wait to see what happens with this as they learn from one another and think about scaling and designing their home.


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