Additional Artifact 1 – Minecraft Club (#6)

The first meeting was a big hit.  We started off with introductions and establishing some boundaries for in the game.  I heard about lots of things I didn’t even know where possible in this process.  Then I introduced students to the blog we would be using (MES Minecraft Club).  They all made their first post and judging by the number of page visits jumping from 147 to now over 900 I think their excitement is evident.  After blogging I led them to to play a classic demo version just to get some experience with the game if they had not already.  They all seemed to have a good handle of it by the end and it was evident who has played before.  I can’t wait to see what we can come up with!


One response

  1. I like how you are progessing with this, Craig. Perhaps when you are finished (as far as this course is concerned!) you will want to condense everything into one post. But however you want to do this is fine. Maybe even make a category called “Minecraft” and then assign that category to all of your posts about this. You can then easily click the link and the posts will appear in reverse chronological order.

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