Additional Artifact 1 – Minecraft Club (#5)

The software codes are in and I’ve tried a bit of testing.  It doesn’t seem like it will run smoothly on the current lab computers.  Fortunately we have new Dell Optiplex 3010’s nearly ready to be put in place (hopefully after next week).  I’m not sure we will be doing any mining or crafting on our current Dell E series.

I sent home 25 letters to the students I selected and have received 19 yeses so far.  As part of the experience I would like to have the students contribute to a club blog.  I’ve created a class (club) blog though and created a name for each participant.  The plan is to have them blog throughout the experience.  The first day we may be doing this while we wait for the new pc’s.

For the first meeting I am also planning on the following:

  1. Welcoming everyone and showing my excitement and enthusiasm
  2. Having students introduce themselves since it will be a multi-age/grade group
  3. Discussing/Establishing rules while in the game
  4. Going over students expectations, what they want to get out of the group and what they want to do (This may also be their first blog post.)

That’s all I have so far.


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